The Story So Far!

The Story So Far!

We have had a lot of announcements so far, and it might be difficult to know where to start to see what is going on! But people always want to know what is going on at Timeless, on top of the 400+ arcade machines at the Arcade Club Bury. So here is an update of where we are so far!

We have a number of content creators and gaming legends confirmed for our many panels that will happen throughout the day on our new stage in the recently expanded Arcade Club Bury! Those include:



Retro Gaming Revival

Sal Vahed

Ross Tragenza

Graeme Norgate


Creators Content

We also have some big names joining us with their very own sessions throughout the day!

We have the incredible film star, comedian and content creator Ashens doing a 1 hour special presentation.

DJ Slope returns to Timeless, this time with his famous Slope's game quiz! He is also the first announcement for our evening entertainment, doing a gaming based DJ set.

We also have the incredible Emzy Leigh joining us to take charge of the famous Timeless Just Dance competition. Why? because she is a Ubisoft partner who is even a character in the game!


A big part of Timeless is all of the amazing cosplayers - and our parade and competition sees the return of the incredible professional model and cosplayer Jinx.

Merch Stalls

People are always excited to see all of the merch stalls, and for 2024 we have increased the number and variety of merch stands at Timeless. So far we have announced:

Gambit Gaming

Lightgun Retro Gaming

Sega Mags

Enhanced Aim


Finally, a big thank you to our show partners - more is to be announced with all of them over time, but we wanted to take the time to say thanks as they have been helping us and talking to us behind the scenes.

The Gamer Guide

Everyone Can


Geek Retreat Bury

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