Announcing Gamemistress at Timeless 2024!

Announcing Gamemistress at Timeless 2024!

We are excited to announce our first big name for Timeless 2024!

Theresa aka Gamemistress is an English gamer that hails from the viking land of Norway. She is a Twitch and Youtube content creator and a massive retro gaming collector by heart. Her channel is all about gaming, laughter, silly toilet jokes and cats!

She  mostly plays retro games on original hardware with some indie and modern gaming thrown into the mix. Her random sense of humour is sure to put a smile on your face. Theresa is also a mental health advocate and donates 20% of her earnings to animal shelters world wide.  But the true mastermind behind her channel are her 4 little cats who have taken their manager role very seriously.

Gamemistress logo

We will be releasing more information about Gamemistress at Timeless, so keep an eye out for more announcements!

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