• LoopyLuGaming02

    “There's no probably about it. Timeless was the best event I've been to in a long time. 10/10 going again next year”

  • Bondie78

    "Great atmosphere and great competitions! Well and truly got my geek on"

  • DJ Mike Storm

    "Timeless is a wonderful gathering for people passionate about gaming. Inclusive, safe, interactive, passionate"

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What is Timeless Gaming?

Where most gaming conventions are either aimed at new releases or looking back at retro games, Timeless Gaming Convention is a celebration of the best of games throughout time.

So, whether it's Mariokart 8, or an original Galaga arcade machine, we are focussed on games that are truly timeless. It is also an inclusive event, so that everyone can enjoy the best the gaming industry has to offer.

What's On 2023
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Timeless Gaming Con Official Merch

Buy merch in the store which will be ready to pick up on arrival at the venue on the 16th August. All you need is your order number. Remember, VIP tickets get 10% off all merch.