Announcing the Cosplay Panel!

Announcing the Cosplay Panel!

We are excited to announce the cosplay panel - our host and judges who will be running the coveted Timeless Cosplay competition.

And don't forget, the star prize is two tickets to MCM Comicon London this October at Excel, courtesy of our challenge stage partner, Sneak Energy

Host - SJ Jinxx

With 10 years in the cosplay industry, SJ Jinxx return as our Cosplay hostess this year! Running cosplay competitions up and down the country, Jinxx knows what makes a good costume as well as cosplayer and understands the work it takes to bring these characters to life!

Working with mammoth brands such as Capcom, Monster Energy, SciFi Weekender and Sega, Jinxx is a passionate gamer who knows her way around an event!

Jinxx pushes to create a safe and inclusive environment for all so if you have any questions or concerns on the day please do not hesitate to contact her.

Instagram - @hai_jinxx

Twitch - @haijinxx

Cosplay Judges

Judging the cosplay competition are three professional cosplayers.


Wratheria is a UK Cosplayer & streamer who has been cosplaying since 2013 She is known for cosplaying gaming characters from World of Warcraft, Tekken & League of Legends.

She has a range of techniques such as sewing, armour building and is a qualified SFX makeup artist.

Instagram - @Wratheria_

X - @Wratheria_

Twitch - Wratheria

Atom Cosplay

Atom Cosplay is a UK Sheffield based Cosplayer, who has been cosplaying since entering his first cosplay competition at insomnia 55 back in 2015, moving on to judging competitions shortly after.

Best known for cosplaying Torbjörn from Overwatch as well as other characters such as Blastoise & Mario. Atom focuses mainly on foamsmithing, armour builds and props making. he's also worked with Xbox bringing the Gears Of War 4 amour to life. 

Instagram - @atom_cosplay

Tiktok - @atom_cosplay

Zara Fox

Zara Fox has been cosplaying for over ten years with a heavy focus on charity and group events. She has entered and been a judge for various masquerades over the years.

Most known costumes include Darth Talon and Oola from Star Wars, Cersei Lannister from Game of Thrones, Maleficent, and Sylvanas Windrunner from World of Warcraft.

An avid gamer, Zara is looking forward to creating more costumes based on her favourite franchises.

Instagram - Zarafoxcosplay

Facebook - Zara Fox Cosplay


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