About Us

So who are Timeless? Simple answer - Gaming Experts!

Middle Aged Gamer Guy

Middle Aged Gamer Guy, otherwise known as MAGG, is a twitch streamer. Having owned his own business, with a career working in events and AV, MAGG started streaming during lockdown whilst events had stopped.

Having fallen in love with streaming, and growing a big community, MAGG went full time with streaming.

With a gap in the market for a games event that actually focusses on gaming, MAGG started running Gaming Conventions!

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Ex-Twitch Partner, AimeeEve, is not only a cornerstone of the gaming industry, but her background in marketing and events means that she knows how to run a good show!

Working on a lot of the logistics, branding and merch, you probably won't see Aimee on stage as much as MAGG, but instead running around making sure everything runs smoothly!

  • Jesse of JLawrence Photography

    Jesse is not only photographing and filming on the day, but has been an integral part of doing the social media, getting the website working and updated, and loads of other stuff in the background. Another big thank you for helping make this the best event ever! Give him a smile on the day!

    Website , Cosplay and modelling , Music , Tiktok

  • Dave Johnson

    The King of the Buckets, Dave is a seasoned community manager for a number of high performing streamers... and Magg. Dave is working on the logistics and operational parts of Timeless, including being in charge of our volunteer team. A big thank you for all of your help!