Pixel Addict at Timeless Gaming!

Pixel Addict at Timeless Gaming!

We are excited to announce Pixel Addict as a official partner for Timeless Gaming convention -  Pixel Addict will be exhibiting at Timeless Gaming Convention! But that's not all, Pixel Addict's very own Editor Paul Monaghan will be our host for the Legends panel, asking those questions that really get to the heart of the gaming industry! And the icing on the cake!!! If you have a VIP ticket, there will be a free copy of Pixel Addict magazine as part of your goodie bag!

Pixel Addict

Pixel Addict magazine is the digital culture magazine for classic computing and retro gaming enthusiasts. Offered in glossy A4 print or in PDF format, the magazine is aimed at those who are passionate about vintage technology, sentimental about software, corny for classic computing, and nostalgic for retro games.

Whether the magazine is covering Tomb Raider, Tandy TRS-80 or The Connection Machine there is something for everybody.


Paul Monaghan

Back in 2013 Paul began his journey in the gaming community. A fan of gaming magazines and the Super Nintendo, Paul joined the team of long running podcast Retro Asylum to share this passion In 2015 he co-founded a new podcast, Maximum Power Up which aimed to cover retro and modern gaming chat with like minded hosts and guests. Since the beginning there have been in depth looks at game series such as Castlevania as well as interviews with industry legends including Jaz Rignall, Kev Bayliss and Gary Whitta.

In 2021 Paul took his first steps in writing for print magazine Amiga Addict as a staff writer and then also joined the newly launched SEGA Powered magazine before the year ended. In 2022 he took over as Editor on Pixel Addict magazine and helped mould it to a great mixture of computing, technology products and gaming. 

Timeless aficionados will remember Paul from being on the Journalist Panel at Timeless 2023!

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