Jason Bradbury Opening Keynote Speaker!

Jason Bradbury Opening Keynote Speaker!

We are excited to announce that Jason Bradbury is the Timeless Gaming Convention opening keynote speaker!

As a prominent tech specialist in the UK, Jason Bradbury is a familiar face to many. He is known as a charismatic and inventive technology expert, former host of the hugely popular The Gadget Show and the new The Gadget Show Podcast. For over two decades, Jason has been sharing his technological expertise in his book series, Dot Robot (published by Puffin) and on TV shows for Channel 4, ITV, BBC 1, Discovery and Channel 5 and he is  now a popular event speaker.

With a flair for engaging, funny and entertaining social media content he is the proud owner of a Back to the Future DeLorean ‘Time Machine’, a garage of electric vehicles including a prized Sinclair C5 and a collection of 80s and 90s gaming hardware. Jason's talent in the technology field is highly regarded, making him an exceptional tech presenter for a wide range of audiences.

Jason comes to us with news of an exciting retro gaming themed comedy movie, Ctrl-AI-Delete he is hoping to Kickstarter fund. The full-length feature film, written by him and full-time comedian writing partner Mark Felgate follows a gang of gamer geeks attempting to use 80s and 90s computers to fight a rogue A.I.

If you are thinking you have heard this announcement before... well Jason is quite excited to be at Timeless Gaming Convention and let things slip on his own Twitch Channel:

Jason Bradbury Twitch

Jason Bradbury Instagram

Jason Bradbury YouTube


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