GT Omega Grand Prize!

GT Omega Grand Prize!

We are excited to announce that GT Omega have donated one of their PRO Series - GEN 2.0 gaming chairs as a grand prize!

Who are GT Omega?

GT Omega are a gaming rig and gaming chair specialist, who have everything from full racing rigs to high quality gaming chairs, as well as a wide range of other gaming peripherals.

The Prize

Th grand prize is a GT Omega PRO Series - GEN 2.0 gaming chair. This is height adjustable, full 180° reclining, 360° rotation and height adjustable supports, the chair is the ultimate in comfort for those long gaming and streaming sessions!

How do you win?

As with previous years, the grand prize will be picked at the closing ceremony - you must be in attendance to win! On entry to the event, raffle tickets will be provided, the number will be based on the level of paid ticket that you have. 

Wait, there's more!

GT Omega have actually donated two chairs - the second chair is a PRO Series - GEN 2.0 and will be awarded as a mystery prize.... Find out on the day at Timeless Gaming Convention!

GT Omega in Partnership with The Gamer Guide

All of this has been made possible thanks to our lovely friends at The Gamer Guide, who have worked with both Timeless and GT Omega to make this happen! So a big thank you to Sawyer and the whole team!

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