Paul Machacek - Videogame Developer Rare Ltd.

Paul Machacek - Videogame Developer Rare Ltd.

We are excited to have Paul Machacek on our gaming legends panel.

Paul began writing games on home computers in the early 1980s and had a number of these published in the UK. The last of these, Superhero published by Codemasters, was a collaboration with artist Bernie Drummond who was also working on Head over Heels (Ocean) at the time.

In 1988 Paul showed Superhero to Tim and Chris Stamper at Rare who hired him as a Computer Programmer and Paul is still at Rare today after 35 years having taken on a number of roles.

Over the next 16 years Paul wrote or co-wrote many Rare titles for Nintendo platforms (NES, Gameboy, SNES and N64), worked on Rare’s arcade hardware (Razz Board) and offshoot handheld prototype (Playboy) and ran teams as they grew and evolved.

Pauls’ software work includes Super Off Road (NES), WWF Superstars, several Battletoad games and Donkey Kong Land (Gameboy), Banjo Kazooie (N64) and It’s Mr Pants (Gameboy Advance).

Paul invented the infamous Banjo Kazooie feature “Stop ‘n Swop”.

In 2004 Paul turned to Production and ran many game projects that finished out Rare’s time developing for Nintendo platforms. These include Sabre Wulf, Donkey Kong Country, Diddy Kong Racing DS and Viva Pinata Pocket Paradise (DS) resulting in multiple BAFTA nominations.

In 2011 Paul began running central teams within Rare, starting out with QA, building up Localisation and driving Customer Services.

The most recent title that Paul is supporting is Rare’s Sea of Thieves.

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