Nick Clarkson - Gaming legend to join us

Nick Clarkson - Gaming legend to join us

We are excited to announce that we will be having Nick Clarkson from Team 17 joining us for Timeless Gaming Convention!

Nick started his career working in his local indie games store way back in the early 80s. From there he was lucky enough to be part of a group of friends who decided a magazine based around the all-new Atari ST would be a great idea – the result being ST User. Naming issues ensued and the magazine morphed into ST World before spawning its very own game-based stable mate, ST Action in 1998. Nick stayed at the helm of ST Action for 24 issues before being moved onto Games-X, the multi-format weekly. He lasted there for the lifetime of the magazine until closed in 1992. Nick was the launch editor of GB Action but grew tired of the never-ending magazine treadmill.

Game publishing beckoned and in 1992 Nick headed over the Pennines to Gremlin Graphics. It was while working for the Sheffield based publisher that Nick’s methods were noticed by Ocean. For the first time in his life Nick was head-hunted and found himself at Ocean late in 1993, remaining there through the Infogrammes take over until the Manchester offices closed its doors in 2000. After that Nick spent time at Rage, Big Ben Interactive, D3P, THQ, Merge Games and now works at Team17.

An avid gamer, Nick is a PlayStation fanboy. He’s currently on his sixth playthrough of Elden Ring.

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