Lightgun Retro Gaming are an Exhibitor!

Lightgun Retro Gaming are an Exhibitor!

We are excited to announce an incredible exhibitor to the timeless event!

Lightgun Retro Gaming (LRG) is a retro games and collectibles business based in the Staffs Moorlands. My names Matt, I run Lightgun Retro. I worked as a game developer for many years before getting into lecturing/teaching and did lots of retro repair work as a sideline, post pandemic I left my job and took the plunge on making the business full time and expanding it to fill a niche in the market. We started life as a repair service for gameboys and retro consoles and have since moved over to stocking retro games, consoles & collectibles as well as producing lots of our own unique items and specialist imports as well as additional refurbs.

Our main focus is of course on gaming and we have a vast stock of disc and cartridge based games for every system ranging from older nintendo ones all the way up to more modern systems like the Xbox 360 but we also offer a range of vintage and modern anime items to suit most tastes.

Future plans are focussed on expanding the range of items we produce in house which currently includes keyrings, coasters, earrings, posters, framed gameboy shells, Gameboy cartridge cases using Cassette Tape cases and Pokemon card displays, we're looking to branch this out to cover additional console displays and further expand our range of japanese imports to cover a greater amount of popular culture collectibles. 

Our most recent/new items in stock are a great range of Japanese poster reproductions for vintage anime movies including Cowboy Bebop, My Neighbour Totoro and Akira.


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