Geek Retreat Bury

Geek Retreat Bury

We are excited to welcome back Geek Retreat Bury who are exhibiting with us for the second year running. Here they are at last year's show:

geek retreat at timeless gaming convention

From Geek Retreat

We are on a mission to share our love for all things geeky!!!

From Trading card games, tabletop roleplay, Board Games and miniatures.

We are a family friendly cafe with a range of free to play boardgames and free to read comics and books. We serve hot food and delicious treats, and also have a selection of American candy on offer too. We also host regular events for Pokemon, Magic The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Digimon, Dungeons & Dragons and many more!!!

Check us out on Facebook @Geek Retreat Bury or Join our Discord;

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