Final Gaming Legends Panelist Announced! Richard Stevenson

Final Gaming Legends Panelist Announced! Richard Stevenson

We are excited to announce Richard Stevenson as our final panelist for the gaming legends panel at Timeless. 

Richard has over 36 years experience in IT during which he has undertaken a wide range of roles and responsibilities including software development, infrastructure design and management, system testing, project management and service and supplier management. He has excellent written and interpersonal skills and is used to working with client staff at both technical and management levels.

Richard is results driven and has a track record of success in difficult projects.

In recent years, Richard has also headed up the Investigations department of company providing IT security services to clients. This role allowed Richard to develop his organisational and commercial skills as well as the opportunity to work on a number of high profile and interesting cases. Richard was also instrumental in introducing a number of innovative investigative techniques which led to a large increase in the number of successful investigations.

Richard also has a significant development background and has worked on a number of well known computer games in various roles from Coder to Development Manager.



Premier Manager: 2002/2003 Season (2002 on PlayStation 2)

Data Research Manager

UEFA Challenge (2001 on Windows)

Database Team

Actua Soccer 3 (1999 on Windows)

Player Research

Actua Ice Hockey (1998 on Windows)

Sports Researcher

Fox Sports Golf '99 (1997 on PlayStation)

Player Research

Actua Soccer 2 (1997 on Windows)

Player Research

Actua Soccer: Club Edition (1997 on DOS)

Player Research

VR Soccer '96 (1996 on SEGA Saturn)


UEFA Euro 96 England (1996 on DOS)

Programmed by

Zool (1994 on Game Gear)

Additional Code by

Jungle Strike (1993 on SNES)


Popeye 3: WrestleCrazy (1992 on Amstrad CPC)

Written by

Popeye 2 (1991 on ZX Spectrum)

Coding by

Kentucky Racing (1990 on ZX Spectrum)

Code by

T-Bird (1989 on Amiga)


R-Type (1989 on Amstrad CPC)

Sound effects

Super Nudge 2000 (1989 on Amstrad CPC)

Converted by

Die Alien Slime (1989 on Amstrad CPC)

Converted by

Bomb Fusion (1989 on ZX Spectrum)

Written by

Dynamix (1989 on Amstrad CPC)

Converted by

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