Extra VIP bonuses!

Extra VIP bonuses!

We have been working hard to keep adding to the VIP tickets! At the time of posting, there is only 48 hours left to buy VIP tickets, which will finish being on sale on 19th July 2023. We have just added two more amazing sets of goodies for VIPs. Firstly, we have an Invaders pack Steam Key from game developer and exhibitor Jonni the Dodger, which includes Polybius Invaders and Galactoids. We also have our new partners and exhibitors Player Ammo, who will be providing 3 sachets in every VIP goodie bag.

This means that VIP tickets now include:

Early access from 10am

VIP Pass and Lanyard

VIP special merch included (TBC)

Vip priority on certain gaming challenges

A copy of Debug magazine

Free meal voucher

Player Ammo Sachets of multiple flavours - 3 in total worth £9

A Invaders Pack Steam Key from Jonni the Dodger, including Polybius Invaders and Galactoids - worth £13

10% off Timeless merch - automatically discounted at checkout when ordering tickets. Your order number will then be available as a discount code for future orders of merch. 

Buy your VIP ticket now!

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