Announcing Player Ammo Partnership

Announcing Player Ammo Partnership

We are excited to announce that Player Ammo will be a partner and exhibitor for the Timeless Gaming Convention! As well as having an exhibition stall, there are goodies for the VIPs and prizes throughout the day.

From Player Ammo

Player Ammo is a provider of gaming energy supplements, offering a unique powder-based formula that mixes with water to provide clean energy. Our products are sold directly to consumers through our online platform and at various gaming and anime conventions across the UK. Our proprietary formula is designed to enhance focus and concentration, catering to the needs of gamers, midwives, radiographers, teachers, students, and more. It incorporates essential B-vitamins, caffeine, and powerful nootropic herbs like ashwagandha and bacopa, which are known for their stress and anxiety-relieving properties. 

We go beyond just providing exceptional products, we change lives for the better!

We are passionate gamers and anime enthusiasts ourselves, and we leverage that passion in our brand. We collaborate with online gaming brand ambassadors who share our values of inclusivity and helping others, creating a strong sense of community and connection.

At Player Ammo, we are dedicated to providing gamers with a trusted and effective energy supplement that enhances their gaming experience while promoting their overall well-being. With our ongoing collaborations and commitment to quality, we are poised to continue growing and serving the gaming and anime communities with pride.

We look forward to seeing you all at the Timeless Gaming Convention.

Be sure to follow us on all our social media platforms @PlayerAmmoHQ or visit our website at

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