Announcing our Host for the Gaming Legends Panel

Announcing our Host for the Gaming Legends Panel

We are excited to announce that Pete Ward will be the host for our Gaming Legends Panel!

Peter Ward is a video game historian, journalist, and content creator who is known for his work in the retro gaming community under the name "RetroGamesMaster." Ward has been active in the gaming community and has worked for various gaming publications and editor of and As RetroGamesMaster, Peter has created a popular website where he reviews, interviews and shares information about classic video games and gaming systems.

He has also attends gaming events and has been a regular speaker and commentator on the topic of retro gaming. In addition to his work in the gaming community, Peter is also a collector of retro gaming equipment and has amassed a significant collection of classic consoles, games, and peripherals over the years. He is known for his extensive knowledge of video game history and has been a valuable resource for gamers and historians alike.

Peter is soon to release 2 new games to go along with Polybius_Invaders on steam. He also has a volume of gaming books in the works and awaiting the release of a documentary he is a guest on.

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